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Cylinder switches / Magnetic switches

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Magnetic switches comprise mainly cylinder switches which are essential for the automation. They are contactless proximity switches basing on reed contacts or fully electronic (contactless) sensors (Hall, AMR, and GMR).

It is triggered by a permanent magnet or an inductor. In a magnetic field, the paddles of a magnetic reed switch are magnetised and close respectively open triggered by the magnetic flux. Different sensing distances are achieved by varying sensitivities of the reed contact (AW value) and the magnetic field strengthes. Full electronic magnetic switches measure changes in the magnetic field (Hall voltage, magneto-resistive measuring bridge) and covert them into a digital signal.

  A detailed description of functions and a glossary are here.

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cylinder switches types and accessories Dietz

Cylinder switches – types and accessories

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Overview on cylinder switches

Magnetic switch with trigger magnet apart

Magnetic switches with external trigger magnet respond only to the magnetic field produced by a separate permanent magnet. A typical application for those switches is the rotary speed measurement on engines or rotating machinery parts.

Dietz’ magnetic switches are available as cylindric type with metric thread or threadless and as cuboid type. They can be applied flexible by trigger magnets of various types and field strengthes.

Pneumatic cylinder switches

Dietz’ cylinder switches measure reliable the position of the piston in pneumatic cylinders. Thus, movement sequences of pneumatically driven systems can be monitored and controlled safely. The sensors are triggered by permanent magnets mounted on the pistons which are detected through the housing of the cylinder (aluminium, brass or stainless steel). The sensors are attached to the housing.

Many different types and variants ensure that the switches work with all common cylinders of leading manufacturers. We offer reed switches or electronic switches for cylinders with T-slot, C-slot, round bodies, with dovetail groove and profile rods.

Various fastening accessories enable the use of T-slot switches on cylinders with round bodies or with profile rods. Dietz’ cylinder sensors are available in variants with 2-wire or 3-wire connection and for direct or universal current.

Features of cylinder switches

  • Suitable for cylinders of major manufacturing companies
  • Electronic (PNP) or reed contact
  • Vibration-proof and immune to wear and tear
  • Permanent connected cable or plug connectors
  • Types for direct current or universal current
  • High switching accuracy
  • Many fastening options

cylinder switch types

  • For T-slot cylinders
  • For C-slot cylinders
  • For cylinders with round body
  • For cylinders with dovetail groove
  • For profile rod cylinders

Fastening options

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