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Optoelectronic sensors

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Optoelectronic sensors detect objects with light of a part of the spectrum to trigger function to control, to switch or to regulate.

Electrical impulses are converted into light impulses by the transmitter of the optoelectronic sensor and back into a electrical signal by the receiver. The amplifier circuit with downstream comparator processes and compares the signal with a default treshold. The switching function of the output amplifier is triggered depending on the interruption of the beam path. Exact positioning and very large sensing ranges can be achieved with optoelectronic sensors, independent from the material of the objects to detect.

The broad assortment of optoelectronic sensors for standard and special applications in all fields of the automisation technology extends over all common types like compact, cylindric or miniature types. Through-beam, reflective or scanner function with infrared light, red light or laser sources are available for selection and also sensors for special applications like ranging or colour sensing.

A detailed explication of the different operating principles is in the PDF “Operating principles” at the bottom of the download section.

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optical sensors overview dietz sensortechnik

Overview - Optical sensors  

optische sensoren optokatalog

Catalog of optoelectronics (universal assortment) 

optische sensoren miniaturserie om1e

Brochure miniature serie OM1E 


Informational brochure Midi-sensors series S8 


Informational brochure operating principle 

Universal sensors

  • Through-beam light barriers (infrared, red or laser)
  • Reflective light barriers (infrared, red or laser)
  • Reflective scanners (infrared, red or laser)

Through-beam light barriers

optische sensoren materialkontrolle

material control

optische sensoren fuellstand

Level sensing

Reflective light barriers

optische sensoren objekterfassung

Label detection on substrate material

optische sensoren rollenwechsel

Label detection for the role-changing

Reflective scanners

optische sensoren anwesenheitskontrolle

Rotary speed measurement

optische sensoren laengenmessung

Length measurement

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