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Frame light barriers

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Frame light barriers from Dietz form a gapless infrared light curtain using numerous transmitter and receiver diodes in the opposing arms. Even the smallest parts can be detected optimally in the middle of the frame independent from the material, the surface or the colour of the object.

Easy installation, short response time and a very high resolution are the crucial advantages compared to conventional techniques using many single through-beam light barriers. A mutual interference of the beam pathes is ruled out. In tight spaces, the frame light barriers can operate also in the open U-shape when the traverse is removed. An integrated sensivity adjustment, a variable impulse lengthening and a high immunity to ambient light due to modulated light guarantee a secure processing of the output signal.

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Brochure frame light barriers

Frame light barriers: typical applications

  • Mounting and feeding automation
  • Punching machines
  • Packaging machines and special machinery construction
  • Production lines

Frame light barriers: application examples

  • Monitoring of smallest parts in free fall
  • Detection of small parts conveyed by compressed air
  • Ejection control
  • Tool fixation at machine presses and punching machines
  • Size separation
  • Thread breakage detection
  • Length and size measurement
  • Feed control

rahmenlichtschranke teileerfassung sensortechnik dietz01

Detection of objects in free fall

rahmenlichtschranke laengenvermessung sensortechnik dietz01

Length measuring with analog output

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Detection of parts in a transparent feeding hose

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