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Fork light barriers

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Frame light barriers from Dietz work like through-beam light barriers. Transmitter, receiver and electronics are combined in a single sturdy metal housing.

The easy installation without time-consuming alignment, short response times and a high resolution are crucial advantages compared to conventional through-beam light barriers, make possible in practice the exact positioning and a reliable detection of even the fastest movement sequences.

The sensors have a sensitivity adjustment and mostly can be toggled between normally open and closed. Clocked red or infrared light guarantees a high ambient light immunity.

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Brochure frame light barriers (preferred types)

Typical application ranges of frame light barriers

  • Mounting and feeding automisation
  • Packaging machines and special machinery construction
  • Production lines

Frame light barriers: application examples

  • Detection and counting of objects
  • Positioning and presence control
  • Ejection control
  • Detection of thinnest foils and wires
  • Rotary speed measurement
  • Edge guide control
  • Double sheet detector

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Detection of small parts on feeding conveyors

gabel etiketten

Label detection on substrate material

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Rotary speed measurement

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