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Fork light barriers

gabellichtschranke dietz test01

Frame light barriers from Dietz work like through-beam light barriers. Transmitter, receiver and electronics are combined in a single sturdy metal housing.

The easy installation without time-consuming alignment, short response times and a high resolution are crucial advantages compared to conventional through-beam light barriers, make possible in practice the exact positioning and a reliable detection of even the fastest movement sequences.

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Frame light barriers

rahmenlichtschranken sensortechnik dietz01

Frame light barriers from Dietz form a gapless infrared light curtain using numerous transmitter and receiver diodes in the opposing arms. Even the smallest parts can be detected optimally in the middle of the frame independent from the material, the surface or the colour of the object.

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Optoelectronic sensors

optische sensoren sensortechnik dietz01

Optoelectronic sensors detect objects with light of a part of the spectrum to trigger function to control, to switch or to regulate.

Electrical impulses are converted into light impulses by the transmitter of the optoelectronic sensor and back into a electrical signal by the receiver. The amplifier circuit with downstream comparator processes and compares the signal with a default treshold. The switching function of the output amplifier is triggered depending on the interruption of the beam path. Exact positioning and very large sensing ranges can be achieved with optoelectronic sensors, independent from the material of the objects to detect.

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High performance light barriers

hochleistungslichtschranken sensortechnik dietz01

The sturdy light curtain systems CA-S and CA-D are applied in rough environment conditions like contamination, shakes or impacts. They consists of the three components transmitter, receiver and controller. Thus, the system can be operated universally with all optical operating principles.

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Light curtains

sicherheits lichtvorhang dietz sensortechnik 01

messende schaltende lichtvorhaenge sensortechnik dietz01Measuring and switching Light Curtains
An opto-electronic light curtain is used for the detection of objects, for the discrimination of different forms or for measurement purposes. Each system works on the principle of through-beam sensors and consists of a transmitter and a receiver unit. A variety of transmitter diodes emit, depending on type range infrared or laser light, thereby forming a close-knit light curtain.

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Fibre optics and amplifiers

lichtleitkabel lichtleitkabelverstaerker sensortechnik dietz01.jpg

Fibre optics are used in tight spaces and difficult environmental conditions. A multitude of fibre optics with the most different scanning heads is available.

Fibre optics from Dietz excel by their outstanding flexibility, their high temperature resistence up to +200°C (392°F) and high performance. Versions with glass or plastic optical fibres are available, each as through-beam or scanner type. The light is conducted through two separated optical fibres (transmitter/receiver) to the sensing position respectively back to the receiver.

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TCP Laser center units


TCP Laser center units are especially designed for precise detection and therefore calibration of a reference point at robotic applications.

The compact designs allow quick and easy integration in existing systems.

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Inductive sensors

induktive naeherungsschalter sensortechnik dietz01

Inductive proximity sensors work contactless and so they are proximity switches triggered by metallic objects approximating to the sensing face.

An inductive proximity switch consists of a high frequency oscillator, a flip-flop and a downstream amplifier. The oscillator produces a high frequency alternating field in front of the sensing face. When a electrically conductive material (i.e. steel, copper, aluminium, graphite) is present, then eddy currents are induced in the material which absorb energy from the oscillator. The oscillator voltage decreases and the downstream flip-flop toggles the output state.

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Capacitive sensors

kapazitive sensoren sensortechnik dietz01

Capacitive proximity sensors work contactless and so they are proximity switches working without wear and tear to detect metallic and non-metallic matters, solid or liquid.

The sensing face of capacitive sensors is formed by two metallic electrodes. The approximation of an object to the sensing face triggers the switch. An object in the electric field increases the coupling capacity and the oscillator begins to swing. A signal processor converts the amplitude into a signal.

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Ultrasonic sensors

ultraschallsensoren sensortechnik dietz01

Ultrasonic sensors from Dietz work with the travel time measurement of high-frequency sonic impulses. The periodically sent impulses are reflected on the object and return as an echo to the sensor (see figure below). The integrated electronic ranges the object. This operating principles enables a detection of the most varying objects even under difficult conditions like contamination nearly independent from the colour or the surface of the object. Even objects as transparent as glass or transparent foils can be detected.

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Ring sensors

induktive ringsensoren sensortechnik dietz01

Inductive ring sensors

Inductive ring sensors from Dietz detect reliable metallic small parts in the middle of the ring. Easy installation, short response time, a high resolution, and adjustable impulse lengthes as well make possible a universal use in a wide range of applications.

Because of an optimised screening against interferences, the sensors can be mounted in very short spacings or very close to machinery parts. You can choose between two operating principles.

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Cylinder switches / Magnetic switches

zylinderschalter magnetschalter sensortechnik dietz01

Magnetic switches comprise mainly cylinder switches which are essential for the automation. They are contactless proximity switches basing on reed contacts or fully electronic (contactless) sensors (Hall, AMR, and GMR).

It is triggered by a permanent magnet or an inductor. In a magnetic field, the paddles of a magnetic reed switch are magnetised and close respectively open triggered by the magnetic flux. Different sensing distances are achieved by varying sensitivities of the reed contact (AW value) and the magnetic field strengthes. Full electronic magnetic switches measure changes in the magnetic field (Hall voltage, magneto-resistive measuring bridge) and covert them into a digital signal.

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Radar sensors

radarsensoren sensortechnik dietz01

Radar sensors offer some advantages compared to common motion detectors:

  • The switching function can be set depending on the movement direction.
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Hidden installation is possible, i.e. behind plastic covers
  • Very contamination resistant
  • Short response time
  • High protection class IP 68

You can order the devices as motion detectors or barriers.

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Flow meters for liquids and air

stroemungsmesser luftstrommesser sensortechnik dietz01

Flow sensors and meters detect flows of liquids, especially in tubes, by monitoring if the flow exceeds or falls below tresholds or by measuring continously to an analog output.

Air flow meters are made to measure the flow of gases of course.

The flow meters are available in many variants fulfilling the needs of the applications, e.g. expected flow speeds, the mounting spaces, hostile environments or pressure conditions.

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Measuring technology

Measuring technology Dietz Sensortechnik

We offer measuring instruments and sensors for a wide variety of applications - Fill level measurement, pressure measurement and temperature measurement. The focus is always on quality and accuracy to ensure plant safety, cost-effectiveness and consistent product quality in your application.

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Edge sensors

kantensensoren sensortechnik dietz01

Edge sensors measure the penetration depth in a fork-shaped sensor and produce an analog signal.

For this purpose, we offer optical and ultrasonic solutions.

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Radio signal transmission systems

funksignaluebertragungssysteme dietz 01
  • Wireless transmission systems for digital switching signals (switch, scanner, SPS, sensors
  • Unidirectional transmission of input and output signals
  • Parallel output of the states of receiver signals through relay outputs
  • The installation does not require programming
  • DS 4 means 4 inputs and 4 outputs; DS 16 means 16 inputs and 16 outputs

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Other product lines


Capacitive hose sensors / leackage alarm

Capacitive hose sensors / leackage alarms are a special type of capacitive ring sensors and are applied in tight spaces where the tube cannot pass through a ring.

Sensors for temperature and pressure

Those sensors are to measure and to indicate pressure respectively temperature.

Machine illuminations

The machine illuminations of the MBL series are characterized by their robust construction and their outstanding technical characteristics.

Impact sensors

Impact sensors detect by direct mechanical contact up to 100 metallic or non-metallic pieces per second - even under extreme demands.

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