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Light curtains

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messende schaltende lichtvorhaenge sensortechnik dietz01Measuring and switching Light Curtains
An opto-electronic light curtain is used for the detection of objects, for the discrimination of different forms or for measurement purposes. Each system works on the principle of through-beam sensors and consists of a transmitter and a receiver unit. A variety of transmitter diodes emit, depending on type range infrared or laser light, thereby forming a close-knit light curtain.

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unfallschutz lichtvorhaenge sensortechnik dietz01Safety Light Curtains
Safety light curtains are electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE) with self-testing and are intended to protect people from serious injury to equipment and machines. They represent an effective and economical alternative to conventional mechanical safeguards to plant, machinery or other dangerous areas. The devices form a dense protective field of infrared beams to secure the access to the danger zone. The secured area is determined here by the protective field range x protective height. The interruption of one or more beam paths triggers the safe shutdown command. So the operator is safely and effectively protected from threats without hindering the work processes. Work safety is the responsibility of the employer and is therefore in principle a top priority!

Before selecting the light curtain the hazard potential, taking into account legal regulations (for example, the Machinery Directive 98/37 EC) and the standard types BWS is - A, B + C, and the situation on the ground to determine accurately. This risk assessment indicates inter alia to the required equipment category (2 or 4) and the necessary resolution (finger or hand protection). The Range of the protection field achieved depending on the version up to 18 meters. Various profile cross sections of the opto edges are available.

New compact solution!
The safety light curtains of the series Safe400 (types S400S…) form together with the controller SafeCIS3 one of the compactest and fastest security solution in the world. The economic efficiency of this combination surpasses that of other systems. Due to their compactness and the extremely short response time, the application options are very versatile. This combination complies with the safety category 4 according to EN 954-1 and is an optimised solution for most of the applications.

Safety light curtain

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Quick Overview Safety Light Curtains (Cat. 4)

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 Product overview Safety Light Curtains (Cat. 4)

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 Overview on fencing systems

Titelblatt Produktneuheiten Dietz Sensortechnik

Overview new products

Aid for a risk analysis [661 KB]

Application example of automation light curtain

  • Presence control
  • Ejection control
  • Object survey
  • Positioning control
  • Shape recognition

Application range of light curtain for accident prevention, e.g.

  • Machine presses and punching machines
  • Robot lines
  • Pick-and-place robots
  • Packaging machines
  • Conveyors

Measuring light curtains

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Volume measuring

lichtgitter positionskontrolle sensortechnik dietz01

Positioning control

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Shape recognition

Light curtains for accident prevention

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Volume measuring

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Positioning control

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Shape recognition

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