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Ring sensors                    Inductive • capacitive • optical

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Inductive ring sensors

Inductive ring sensors from Dietz detect reliable metallic small parts in the middle of the ring. Easy installation, short response time, a high resolution, and adjustable impulse lengthes as well make possible a universal use in a wide range of applications.

Because of an optimised screening against interferences, the sensors can be mounted in very short spacings or very close to machinery parts. You can choose between two operating principles.

Ring sensors with static working principle detect fast and very slow travelling metallic objects, even objects halting in the middle of the ring, e.g. for level controlling. Ring sensors with dynamic operating principle detect smallest objects even at highest speeds, for example springs conveyed by compressed air. Very slow or halting objects are not detected.

The dynamic function results in an automatic adaption to varying environmental conditions like metallic abrasion and increases the function safety. Special ring sensors with analog outputs are available too for size separation, separation of parts, or thickness measurement.

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Brochure on inductive sensors 
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Inductive ring sensors serie SIA
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Information mounting distances

Typical application ranges

  • Mounting and feeding systems
  • Screwdriving and riveting robots
  • Wire processing industry
  • Food industry (detection of foreign bodies)

Application examples

  • Detection of fast travelling small parts in feeding feeding hoses
  • Congestion and ejection control
  • Tool fixation
  • Separation of metallic foreign bodies
  • Wire breakage detection
  • Size separation, thickness measurement

induktive ringsensoren erfassung sensortechnik dietz01

Detection of coil springs conveyed by compressed air

induktive ringsensoren zaehlen sensortechnik dietz01

Counting of objects in free fall

induktive ringsensoren drahtbruch sensortechnik dietz01

Wire breakage control

Inductive tube sensors

Inductive tube sensors are a special type of inductive ring sensors and are applied in tight spaces where the tube cannot pass through a ring.

In this case, the tube sensor can be put around the sensor to detect reliable the liquid.

Capacitive ring sensors

Capacitive ring sensors detect liquids in tubes made of plastic or glass.

Ring diameters of 6…21mm include the most common tube diameters.

The sensitivity can be adjusted to the wall thickness of the tube and to the media.

Optical ring sensors

Optical ring sensors replenish perfectly the series of inductive and capacitive ring sensors.

Their advantages are the capability to detect small, fast travelling, and non-metallic objects in a transparent feeding hose.

Various ring diameters make possible an optimised adaption to the feeding hose.

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