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Ultrasonic sensors

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Ultrasonic sensors from Dietz work with the travel time measurement of high-frequency sonic impulses. The periodically sent impulses are reflected on the object and return as an echo to the sensor (see figure below). The integrated electronic ranges the object. This operating principles enables a detection of the most varying objects even under difficult conditions like contamination nearly independent from the colour or the surface of the object. Even objects as transparent as glass or transparent foils can be detected.

Another advantage is that the sonic beam can be deflected nearly lossless over inclined reflecting surface, which can be useful especially in tight spaces. Ultrasonic sensors from Dietz cover ranges of 2cm…8m (≈¾in…26¼ft) and small and moving objects can be detected reliable due to the high sound power.

Keep in mind regarding the sensing range that the damping od the sound depends mainly on the air temperature, the humidity, and the atmospheric pressure, thus, the sensing distances can be exceeded or fall below. Broadly speaking, the higher the measured value (i.e. temperature), the higher the damping, and vice versa.

Beyond the general difference between switching and analog (measuring) ultrasonic sensors, a multitude of different features (e.g. Teach-in, synchronized inputs, impulse lengthening) is available. Some series are almost free configurable. The ultrasonic principle complete other operating priciples as e.g. that of optical sensors.

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Selection matrix DUPR-A and DUPR-B

Function ultrasonic sensors from Dietz Sensortechnik

  • Digital version, 1 or more adjustable switching points. Ranges up to 8000 mm (≈26¼ft).
  • Versions with analog output, 4…20 mA and 0…10 V (partly invertible). Ranges up to 6000 mm (≈19½ ft).
  • Ultrasonic barriers, no blind zone, increased measuring speed. Ranges up to 1500 mm (≈5 ft).
  • Ultrasonic fork sensors, particularly suitable for use for web edge control

Product assortment

  • Cylindric and cuboid types
  • Analog and digital outputs
  • Radial or axial sound outlet
  • Teachable models
  • Version with impulse lengthening
  • Version with synchronised input
  • Variant with housing made of stainless steel or PTFE
  • Surface-indipendent object detection
  • High sound pressure to detect small objects
  • Small blind area

Application examples

  • Level control of liquids and granules
  • Ranging and distance control
  • Strip tension and catenary adjustment
  • Edge guide control
  • Height sensing
  • Minimum/maximum control
  • Counting and detection of objects and persons

ultraschallsensoren fuellstandmessung sensortechnik dietz01

Level sensing of liquids and solid matters

ultraschallsensoren durchhangregelung sensortechnik dietz01

Catenary adjustment e.g. at printing machines

ultraschallsensoren qualitaetskontrolle sensortechnik dietz01

Quality control in production line

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