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High performance light barriers

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The sturdy light curtain systems CA-S and CA-D are applied in rough environment conditions like contamination, shakes or impacts. They consists of the three components transmitter, receiver and controller. Thus, the system can be operated universally with all optical operating principles.

Due to the tiny dimensions of transmitter and receiver, the installation is possible even in the tightest spaces. The housings are available in three variants. In spite of their small size, ranges up to 25m (≈82ft) are achieved. The wide aperture angle avoids alignment difficulties.

A crucial feature is the largely contamination resistance of the lenses achieved by the construction of the housings of transmitter and receiver and by their specialised switching technology. Also because of the high protection class IP 67, the light curtains are particularly suitable for e.g. in an automatic car wash.

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Brochure High performance light barriers (serie CA with external amplifier) 

Flexible application options

  • Through-beam light barrier
  • Reflective light barrier
  • Reflective scanner
  • Scanner with background suppression
  • Range surveillance using deflection mirrors

Typical application ranges

  • Automatic door and gate systems outdoor and indoor
  • Passenger and freight elevators
  • Automatic car wash
  • Conveyors

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Automatic door and gate systems

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